Grand Entrance Lobby

Step into unmatched opulence, a
new world awaits.

A space designed to soak in the grandeur of the luxurious lifestyle and offer a worthy glimpse of the beautiful place you call home. Designed to inspire admiration and excitement for a space that’s truly exclusive!

App-Based Smart Parking

The Future Is Smart, The
Future Is Here.

The smart parking feature here ensures your entry and exit from the building in just a few clicks. No more waiting. Have the car ready for you in the foyer, before you and come back home to hassle free parking, all fully automated. The wonders of technology have culminated with our penchant for bringing you the best always.

Sky Lounge

Feel On Top Of The World,
Right At Home!

The sky lounge at Ganges is the perfect destination to match the glitz and glamour of your jet-setting lifestyle! Host parties, entertain your guests all in style. And what’s even better? You get to experience and enjoy the panoramic views of the city as you soak in the fun!

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