Grand Entrance Lobby

Step into unmatched opulence, a new world awaits.

A space designed to soak in the grandeur of the luxurious lifestyle and offer a worthy glimpse of the beautiful place you call home. Designed to inspire admiration and excitement for a space that’s truly exclusive!

App-Based Smart Parking

The Future Is Smart, The Future Is Here.

A space designed to soak in the grandeur of the luxurious lifestyle and offer a worthy glimpse of the beautiful place you call home. Designed to inspire admiration and excitement for a space that’s truly exclusive!

Sky Lounge

Feel On Top Of The World, Right At Home!

The sky lounge at Ganges is the perfect destination to match the glitz and glamour of your jet-setting lifestyle! Host parties, entertain your guests all in style. And what’s even better? You get to experience and enjoy the panoramic views of the city as you soak in the fun!


People’s Gym. The Power Gym For A Great Workout.

Conceptualised and setup by the young entrepreneur and fitness professional Anand Modi Inspirzz, People’s Gym is one of the most successful multiple gym brands across India. With branches in Mumbai, Nagpur, Coimbatore and Chennai – this fitness chain is backed by the passion for fitness for over fourteen years. And now this unmatched gym experience from People’s Gym comes to Ganges. With state-of-the-art equipment, experienced trainers and varied diet and training programs, residents of Ganges can enjoy a lifestyle of fitness in the most stylish setting!


The Ultimate Luxury For Your Body, Mind, And Soul

Your busy lifestyles deserve a place where you can unwind from all the stress. The super-exclusive privileges of the Ganges luxurious clubhouse, are just what you need and will love! Located in the tranquility of the lower level, the Ganges Signature Clubhouse comes with a host of stylish features that are perfect for some serious indulgence.


The House Of Knowledge

Sometimes all you need is a book to get transported to a faraway land! We are making this experience even better with a beautiful library designed to make your thought-provoking reading sessions more enjoyable and aesthetic. Even a non-reader will be tempted to pick a book or two and start reading in this stunning place.

Children’s Play Area

Laughter, Fun, & Friends, In Your Favourite Place!

There’s something for everyone at the Ganges. The Children’s play area, just like every other amenity, is designed to make playtime both fun and safe! It is where you can be rest assured that your child is having the best time while being absolutely safe. No constant supervision, only unlimited fun!

Senior Citizen’s Area

A Place To Reflect, Relax, And Rejuvenate.

Why step out when all the comforts and conveniences are right at home? Senior citizens can now enjoy their morning and evening walks, sip on their tea, and indulge in meaningful conversations – all within the comforts of Ganges in a calm and serene Senior Citizens Area.

Party Area

Celebrate The Big And Small Joys, In Style!

A great ambiance, groovy tunes, your favourite company, all in your home turf! Ganges is where the lines of work and play are blurred out beautifully. Come plan your perfect celebration at the party area and celebrate in style!

Versatile Turf Area

Work Hard, Play Harder!

An expansive and versatile turf area has been created to help you unwind. We know you work hard and want you to play harder too! The turf is suitable for all your favourite sports including Cricket, Football, and Badminton.

Living Room

Where The Family Converges In Style

The living rooms at Ganges are truly a class apart! With a distinctive clear ceiling height of 10.9 ft designed keeping the opulence of your lifestyle in mind, this high ceiling matches the height of a dreamy lifestyle, an urban luxury we all crave for. From the exquisite floor tiles to best quality windows, thoughtful ergonomic layouts and more, every detail is designed to suit your opulent taste. The materials and combinations have been carefully chosen for their luxurious aesthetic and impeccable quality.

Master Bedroom

The Place For Ultimate Comfort

Your private sanctuary oozes elegance and class. The Ganges master bedroom is ever-ready to help you unwind and relax with unmatched convenience and luxury. With a high ceiling, two-way switches, a mosquito net, and adequate light and power points, we’ve taken extra care to ensure every comfort has been adhered to!


The Cuisine Of Love

The Ganges kitchen is a delightful place to be. A truly stylish space that’s perfectly suited to your uber-chic home. It is equipped with a classic black granite platform, a piped gas system has bespoke dado tiling on walls, and is complete with a classy and durable stainless steel sink. Classic yet edgy, you will absolutely love it here!


Refresh In Style

An extension of your stylish Ganges lifestyle, the bathroom is designed to impress! It is so much more than JUST utility. With designer bath fittings and anti-skid flooring to glazed tiles, granite windows and world-class accessories, this space will tempt you to take longer showers and relaxed baths even on busy days!

Rainwater Harvesting

Self Sufficient And Thoughtful Living

Ganges cares about the environment. Rain water harvesting and percolation trenches are the most efficient way to store water and increase ground water levels. It minimizes consumption without compromising on comfort, thereby greatly reducing pressure on municipal supply.

Jogging Track

Fitness, Not Too Far From Home

Be it your quick run before work or a leisurely walk after dinner, you don’t have to go too far from home. Infuse fun into fitness with a broad multipurpose jogging track perfect for everyone.

Solar Panels

A Sustainable, & Smart Lifestyle

Responsible living at its best. The solar panels at Ganges not only keep the power issues at bay but also ensure a sustainable solution to an extremely integral component of modern living.
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